Growing in God's Garden

"Growing in God's Garden"

We shall use the 6-week period of Lent to make our own Lenten/Easter garden. This can be inside in a tray or outside in your own garden.

Each week part of the garden is made, and time spent finding bible connections, prayers, poetry etc and in reflection.


WEEK 3: PATHWAY - 7 March 2021


  • To enjoy your garden, you need to move around it, pausing in different areas.
  • A pathway symbolises a journey; will it go from one end to the other or take a circular route?
  • Choose some stones or another material, to make the path. Think about what width it should be.
  • You might choose to make a resting place.


  • Walk alone in your garden; notice the small details and patterns.
  • In the quiet, what do you hear? Listen to the sounds of the air, or birdsong.
  • Give thanks to God for the intricacy and variety of nature; for the senses we have to appreciate creation.
  • Walk with a friend. Share your thoughts, hopes, dreams.
  • Imagine walking with Jesus. What would you like to say to him right now?


  • Your reflection on your pathway may lead you to WRITE or DRAW.
  • You might wish to write a DIARY / JOURNAL.
  • Take PHOTOS


  • Find and read bible passages that include the paths and journey
  • Find prayers, poetry and prose.

SHARE WITH OTHERS – if you would like to.

“Teatime in the Garden”

Weekly online group to share how we are getting on with our Growing in God’s Garden Project.
Thursday 11 March at 4.30pm

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I look forward to hearing how you are getting on. Rev’d Louise Butler