Rectors Reflections

Taking a Break

Well, it’s August and it’s a traditional time for holidays. I don’t know whether you are in a position to take a break this month. It might be that this simply isn’t possible, for health or financial reasons, or perhaps because of family obligations. It might be that you have holidays planned for later in the year.

It does us all good to get a break, if we can. In the Bible, God himself is pictured as having a break from his work of creation. God is said to rest on the seventh day - even God only works 6 days a week. This is one reason why Jews observe a day of rest every week, called the Sabbath. Christians have continued this tradition, shifting the day of rest from Saturday to Sunday, in honour of Christ’s resurrection, which happened early on a Sunday morning.

You may remember the time when shops and other places were closed on a Sunday. The idea behind this was that there should be at least one day of the week when we had the time and space to rest and recharge our batteries. Of course, people’s experience of an old-fashioned Sunday varied enormously. For some people, it was certainly not a day of rest.  For others, perhaps especially for children, and if we go back say 100 years ago, it could be a day of boredom and restriction.

Our world has changed enormously and nowadays we live very different lives. But I think we could benefit from setting aside a day a week for rest and recreation. It might be that finding a whole day is not going to be realistic, so perhaps half a day.

Rest and recreation come in lots of different forms. It needn’t involve spending any money. It needn’t involve going anywhere.  It might simply be about giving ourselves permission to have a bit of “me” time.

The last few months have been particularly stressful for many of us, perhaps for all of us.  I think we could all do with a bit of a rest.

You might be planning on a holiday - going away somewhere nice, or perhaps a staycation at home. Or a holiday might simply not be on the cards. But in any event, I think a bit of a break will do us all the world of good!

Father Jason