Letting Go

Letting Go

Well, it’s February, and you might be thinking that I’m going to be writing something about the keeping of Lent - that period of 40 days prior to Easter, which have traditionally been used as a time of reflection and self-discipline.

However, this year, because Easter is late, Lent doesn’t start until Wednesday 6th March. So, I won’t be writing about Lent this month.

Well, yes - and no. I would like to recommend a particular practice, which can be a good preparation for Lent itself. The practice is open to anyone, of whatever age and religious belief. It costs nothing, in terms of money at least. It has the power to transform lives - our own lives and the lives of others. It doesn’t require an expensive training course, or any training course at all.

I’m talking about the value of simply letting go of stuff that’s clogging up our lives and hearts and minds. It might be that we need to get rid of something material – a piece of property, perhaps, which has come to dominate our lives. But it might be that we need to get rid of something far more intangible- intangible, yes, but very real, nonetheless. It could be that we’re eaten up by anger at someone or something. It could be that we’ve been nursing a grudge against someone for a very long time. Or it could be that there is a profound sadness or disappointment in our lives, which has come to overshadow everything else.

I’m not going to suggest that letting go of stuff that matters to us is easy. Of course it isn’t, if it were, we might well have given it up years ago. But letting go allows us to find space in our lives for something different- something more life-giving. Saying “no” can enable us to say “yes” to something much better.

Letting go is very much at the heart of the Christian life. Christianity is about trying to let go of the stuff that destroys us and our world, so that there is room for the good stuff to come into our lives:  such as love, and joy and peace and hope.  It’s very hard for us to do this in our own strength, so we pray to God for God’s help.

May God help you and I to “let go” in the days and months ahead!   

Fr Jason