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  • Daily Message

    Rector’s Daily Reflections: No 76 Tuesday 7th July 2020

    Thought for Today

    Here’s a question for you: do you think it’s possible to be both a politician and a saint? Or are the challenges of the political life too great for any claim to sanctity?

    Well, yesterday the Church remembered St Thomas More, who has been named as the patron saint of statesmen and politicians. Thomas a lawyer, philosopher, and friend of Henry VIII. He was a committed Christian, with a deep faith. Thomas opposed the Protestant Reformation and refused to recognise Henry as supreme head of the Church of England. Henry VIII was not the sort of monarch to brook opposition, and Thomas was duly executed for treason. The fact that he was Lord Chancellor did not save him from this fate.

    Earlier in Thomas’s life he had written a short book in Latin, with the title Utopia. The book envisages a world in which the laws are so simple that there’s no need for lawyers; a world where private property has been replaced by communal ownership; and a world where there is extensive religious liberty.

    Whether one agrees with some or all of Thomas’ views, he was a man of integrity and it was his integrity which lead to his execution. He wasn’t prepared to compromise over what he believed to be right and true. There were many men and women in this country back in the 16th and 17th centuries who were faced with the same dilemma as Thomas: do I stand by what I believe to be true, even at the risk of my own life, or do I seek a compromise? And of course, it’s all very well to stand by one’s principles, but what if one is wrong? How do I know that I am right, if other people insist on telling me that I’m wrong?

    It is not easy being involved in politics. Politicians have to take important and difficult decisions based on limited information. Our politicians need our prayers. I’m sure St Thomas More would agree!

    Prayer for Today

    Lord, we pray for those who make decisions,
    on our behalf, in local and national government.
    Give them the needful gifts of courage, wisdom and compassion. Amen.

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  • Safeguarding in the Churn Benefice
    The Churn Benefice is committed to the safeguarding, care and nurture of the children and people of all ages in our church communities.
    In the first instance questions relating to Safeguarding concerns and support should be addressed to the Rector : The Revd Jason St. John Nicolle, The Benefice Centre, Church End, Blewbury, OX11 9QH, 01235 850267, office@churnchurches.co.uk

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