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  • Daily Message

    Rector’s Daily Reflections Friday 18th June 2021

    Thought for Today

    This week we have been looking at some of the parables to be found in the 4th chapter of Mark’s gospel. We’ve looked at the parable of the mustard seed, the parable of the growing seed, and the parable of the sower. We’ve also looked at the parable of the lamp under a bushel basket.

    Three of these four parables seem to focus on the experience of spiritual growth, and I want to finish this series of reflections with a few general thoughts on this topic.

    My first thought is that the spiritual life is always a call to growth. I wonder how we are growing in our spiritual lives? Spiritual growth comes in many different forms. It might be that it results in a sense of feeling closer to God, or having a better understanding of who God is, and how he is at work in our lives. It might be that our spiritual growth results in a deeper understanding of who we are as individuals, and a greater degree of honesty about our failings and shortcomings. It might be that we gain a clearer sense of the needs of our world, and what God might be saying to us about the direction of our own lives. Spiritual growth comes in many different shapes and guises.

    Where does this growth come from? It is the work of God himself, his Holy Spirit, working within us and transforming from us from within. Sometimes God’s work is hidden from us, just as we cannot see the seed and its roots, buried deep in the earth. It can take time before the shoots of the new beginning appear above ground, but they will be appear, in God’s good time. This means that we can trust God for our spiritual growth, even during those times when we feel that we are far from him.

    And my final thought about growth is that it looks to the future. God has plans for our future. God is love and so we need not fear what lies ahead. God will continue to be at work in our lives, and he will continue to guide us and bless in the years ahead.

    Prayer for Today

    Lord, we thank you for the spiritual growth which we have already experienced in our lives to date; and we thank for the growth which will be your gift to us in the years to come. Amen.

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  • Safeguarding in the Churn Benefice
    The Churn Benefice is committed to the safeguarding, care and nurture of the children and people of all ages in our church communities.
    In the first instance questions relating to Safeguarding concerns and support should be addressed to the Rector : The Revd Jason St. John Nicolle, The Benefice Centre, Church End, Blewbury, OX11 9QH, 01235 850267, office@churnchurches.co.uk

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