The Cost of Church Weddings

In the Churn Benefice the costs of getting married are:

Compulsory costs

There is a required legal fee for marrying in a church. In 2023, it costs £590 if you marry away from where you live and £539 if you marry in your home parish. This is set by the Church of England nationally and is the same for every church.

This basic legal fee includes the cost of the vicar, the church, calling your banns, a banns certificate, the marriage certificate, lighting and all administration.

This required fee has ancient origins and ensures your church can maintain essential services like weddings, christenings, funerals and all kinds of other ministries for you and your community.

* The figure for marrying in 2023 breaks down as follows for couples marrying in their own parish:-

  • the fee set by law payable to the church: £505
  • having your banns read at the home church: £34

Total for marrying in your home parish (providing you both live there) in 2023: £539

If a couple marry in 2023 away from where they live the cost breaks down like this:-

  • the fee set by law payable to the marrying church: £505
  • having your banns read in the marrying church £34
  • having your banns read at your home church: £34
  • the banns certificate from your home church: £17

Total for marrying outside your parish in 2023: £590

Additional fee that will also be charged:

The Churn Benefice Churches also charge £70 Verger fee

  • The support of a verger, who ensures the church is warm, clean and tidy for your wedding and can help with handing out Orders of Service and hymn books etc. They can assist with disability access if needed by your guests and guide people to find their seats, toilets or crèche if there is one. They are indispensable in our churches, freeing up the vicar to give their full attention to you and the wedding service.

Optional Extras

  • Additional heating in the church. Required from November to March inclusive - £40
  • Use of the Church Organ (and organist will also be provided unless you have your own) - £85
  • Bell Ringers -
    • Aston Tirrold - £120
    • Blewbury - £160
    • Hagbourne - £160
    • North Moreton - £120 (to be increased once they receive their new bells)
  • Choir - £70
  • Church flowers – our churches have a local flower arranger who can help you with the flower displays in church.



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