Churn Churches Climate Action Group.

Churn Climate Change Action Group

The purpose of the Churn Climate Change Action Group is to encourage conversation and action within the communities served by the Churn Benefice to reduce the impact of Climate Change.

There is no shortage of information on the rising global temperatures causing extreme events taking place across the Globe. What can we do as individuals?

Switch to a green energy tariff: This can save as much as about 1 tonne CO2 a year for an average house. If you can get online you could use big clean switch ( a comparison site that compares what they believe are the best green energy suppliers for you and your fuel mix, then helps do the switch. Takes the pain out of switching!

Travel green locally: Average car use creates about 2.7 tonnes of emissions a year. Could you reduce journeys or car share regularly with a friend or neighbour? Or if buying a car, choose a smaller, or a hybrid* or electric car*? Can you cycle or walk? Take public transport (when you consider it safe to do so) All these can save emissions - and some help you stay fit, too! *consider buying a second hand electric car – much cheaper.

Taking a break? Low carbon is lovely. If you're able to take a break this summer, there are wonderful holiday locations in GB. And while you have fun, you'll be saving on carbon. Flights produce 100s or 1000s kg of emissions. Driving to the Dorset coast? Around 38 kg.