Gospel song by Revd John

At the on-line service on Sunday 3rd March, during the communion, Revd John Clarke sang some gospel words he wrote to 'The wind beneath my wings'. By popular demand, here are the lyrics:

Jesus the true hero

1. It must have been hard to leave the glory

Angels surround the Father’s throne

Servant you joined the human story

You made my earth to be your home.


Did I ever tell you you’re my hero?

Did I ever whisper you’re my Lord?

 Did I ever sing you are the life within my soul?

You’re the one I worship and adore.


2. It must have been hard to make that journey

Perfection was nailed t’a cross of wood

Shed your royal blood for my salvation

You lived the life I never could.



3. Angels received you back in heaven

To you one day every voice will sing

Rose up from the grave that sunrise morning

Heaven and earth proclaim you King.


Did we ever tell you ….. etc

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